Soft Skill Training in Vadodara

Soft Skill Training in Vadodara

Vadodara, traditionally known as the Sanskari Nagar (also known as the cultured city), as suggested by the name, it is the cultural capital of the city comprising 1.8 million people. It is the third-largest city in Gujarat. It is prominent for diverse things like tourism, education, food and what not.

Vadodara being the bearer for some of the greatest universities and colleges produces brilliant students who conquer the work culture and do full justice to it. Along with being so rich in heritage and history, Vadodara has a great upcoming work culture as well with so many companies and start-up’s making it economically viable too.

With so much happening around, one needs to learn to maintain a healthy and positive work environment, and do so inculcating soft skill training in the workplace is vital, especially when the work culture forms the basis of a healthy environment. On basis of statistics people aged 25 and above in the city spend almost 75% of their day at their respective workplace, and now that this pandemic is getting in control, people are eager to go out and live the old normal life,

Soft skills are basically non-technical skills that relate how do you work; they are the basic traits of a person’s skills and character which help them to use their hard skills to the fullest extent. They are also known as people skills. The combinations of communication skills, creative skills, and all the skills which help a person to navigate their environment and interact with the people around them and work with them, we, “humans “are social creatures which means that we interact with other human beings almost on a daily basis, and for effectively interacting with other humans we need to have basic set of social skills inculcated within us. Speaking of which we all have basic needs, to satisfy those needs we need to have resources and for that a person has to work and earn money,

In schools and colleges, we are taught hard skills like coding, accounting etc but for a person to really sustain in this dynamic environment and add value to the organization, these kinds of skills are very important. Talent along with the right kind of soft skills is like a match made in heaven but is very rare to find these days. The right soft skills provide an edge to the employee.
To undertake an opportunity and work on it one needs to have the right technical set along with soft skills like which will help an employee to bridge the gap between the adequate candidate to the ideal candidate.

In this world of dynamic environment and digitalization, the demand of technical skills has widened along with the need of the right attitude of people, compared to earlier times jobs have become more human centric. Now and greater emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, innovation, creativity and leadership.

Soft skills are the need of the hour, and also the bare minimum necessity for a person to really excel, communicating with other employee and encouraging them to work and put up their best foot forward is important. Just like if an employee is not able to communicate a potential idea to the organization it may lead to limiting his own potential.

With so much knowledge about soft skills, we now can have a look into the constituents of it, which are:

  • Negotiating
  • Customer service
  • Networking
  • Presentation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Working under pressure

According to a recently released white paper from West Monroe Partners, the most important soft skills are verbal communication and collaboration,

Keeping in mind, the pandemic we are currently living in, the times are highly unpredictable, we might never know what a fellow colleague might be going through, so this situation has made us realise the importance of dealing things with ambiguity. The most important skills one may perceive in these times is emotional skills. Hard skills can be acquired through courses and also, they are taught in all the institutions, whereas soft skills are something that a person needs to learn by the method of experimentation,

As dealing with humans is not straightforward, and requires efforts at every step which is why it is considered a difficult skill set to inherit. Soft skills complement hard skills at every step, to bring out the best foot forward of employee soft skills are important, like hard skills help us to understand a particular job but soft skills on the other hand help to grow within an organization.

Importance of Soft Skills

That is why soft skills are really important as:

  • The modern workplace is all about collaboration Collaborations are an integral component of any workplace. Skills such as listening and writing ensure that there is a smooth flow of ideas without any conflicts. This creates a productive and healthy work environment.
  • Soft skills set you apart. Good communication and negotiation skills can help you gain an edge over other candidates. Hard skills can be learnt in a limited time but these skills are harder and take longer to develop, since they depend more on your nature rather than knowledge level. Having these skills can help you deal with challenges in the workplace.
  • They complement hard skills. Technical skills aren’t enough to bring out your best in a job. All careers require soft skills to utilise technical expertise at the right time and place. For example, if an executive is trying to close a deal with a customer, they will need sales knowledge along with excellent communication skills.
  • Future workplaces will depend more these skills. With advancements in technology, many technical jobs are beginning to be outsourced to automation and artificial intelligence (AI). This will result in more jobs relying on soft skills to be the key differentiators in a workplace.
  • Soft skills are in high demand in the workforce. According to the 2017 paper by a Harvard student on the importance of social skills in the labour market, jobs requiring high levels of social interaction grew by nearly 12 percent as a share of the U.S. labour force.
  • Help become a leader. Soft Skills are very important because they’ll help define if you’re a team player, able to build a good relationship with your teammates and your customers. They also indicate if you’re able to evolve and adapt. It will determine whether it is interesting or not for a company to bet on your application rather than another.
  • Increased productivity – Employees’ efficiency in their tasks and responsibilities increases which will help bring the company closer to achieving its goals.
  • Improved teamwork – For a business to function effectively people must work well together in order to achieve a common goal. The quality of work improves when people use their individual strengths and skills together in collaboration.
  • Improved retention rates – People want to work at a company that invests in employees’ career development, infact more than 50% of employees would change their employer if they are offered a job at a company with more training opportunities. Also, recruitment costs for the company decrease with increased staff retention.
  • Attracts new clients – In the present technological era, customer have huge options offered by the online platform. Thus, customer service and effective communication skills can play a key role in helping the client make the final choice. If your clients are happy with your company’s service, they are more likely to recommend you to other clients. This provides your company with new business opportunities.

Soft skills are really important in both professional and personal life, and also to be aware of them and value them, the evolution and growth large depends on these skills.



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