HR Consultancy & Outsourcing

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Do you really understand your people — who they are, how they’re performing, and where you’re losing them? Turn “we think” into “we know”: Use our HR Consulting Services to build a motivated workforce. We work with leading organizations across various sectors on consulting areas in HR. HR Consulting Services encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of HR consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results.

HR Consultancy

We help organisations in preparation of organization policies, strategies and procedures with an aim to enhance business performance and ensure transparency in systems. We also prepare HR manuals so that employees are aware of the organization policies. Review and / or development of job descriptions, grade scales and organisation structure may also form a part of our services.

Organisation Structure, Roles & Responsibilities Review

We analyse job requirements, roles and responsibilities of positions in the context of the organisational goals to develop or improve upon the organisation structure and job specifications. This improves accountability for key performance drivers and morale of organisation members.

Performance Oriented Organization

We help to create an organization where performance is rewarded through annual increments, rewards and recognition systems.

HR Outsourcing

  • We specialize in HR practices for small and medium-sized companies. We take up the strategic HR Manager’s role on behalf of our clients to deliver the competitive edge         to their businesses.
  • We work closely with business leaders and/or line managers to achieve shared organisational objectives, in particular designing and implementing HR systems and         processes that support strategic business aims.
  • We work as part of the organization and are easily accessible by all functions to lend them appropriate support to realize their parts of the business goals.
  • We ensure employee grievances are communicated to the management and are addressed in a prompt and timely manner.
  • We ensure high level of employee engagement.
  • We ensure 100% legal compliance.