How to improve happiness at work?

How to improve happiness at work?

How to improve happiness at work?


In the corporate workplace culture, happiness plays an important role in determining the productivity and satisfaction of a workforce. It also enhances the image of a corporation and improves its ability to retain its employees for the future. So, it’s fair to mention that happiness at work is indispensable.


Yet, the concept of happiness at work has only begun to gain prominence within the past few decades. Before that, employers primarily focused on their business, trade relations, profits, bottom-line, topline and so on.


Only until recently did researchers start realizing the advantages of fostering employee happiness and consequently, employers also started giving importance thereto. Happy employees are more productive employees. Research shows that happiness boosts productivity within the workplace by as much as 20 percent. Unhappy employees, on the opposite hand, are unproductive and tend to make mistakes affecting quality of work. Research shows a robust correlation between happiness and therefore the layout of your office.


Organized desks, plants, floor-to-ceiling windows with many natural light — these are just a few of the planning features that improve productivity within the workplace. Employees also value airy and open spaces. Roomy offices, where staff can get up to stretch or pace up and down while talking on the phone, provide many opportunities for physical activity.


The design of your office should encourage interaction among employees, too — something that reinforces happiness and productivity. Open-plan environment eg building atrium) fosters communication between departments and strengthen relationships. Happy employees are more engaged at work, consistent with countless studies.


Want to enhance happiness in your own workplace?

Make work-life balance a priority. Flexi-time, work social events, more paid leave — all of those things end in happier, more productive employees. Now employees are preferring hybrid model of working where they can work from home for certain days and work from office for rest of the days.


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance isn’t only important for health and relationships, but it also can improve your employee’s productivity, and ultimately performance. Put simply, if your employees don’t view work as a chore, then they’re going to work harder, make fewer mistakes and are more likely to become advocates for your brand.


Performance appraisals provide you with a chance to assess the work performance of your employees. Don’t just consider the negative in these meetings: rewarding your employees for his or her diligence could increase productivity significantly.


Managers who received feedback on their strengths— rather than just their weaknesses — showed 8.9 percent greater profitability, consistent with research. Moreover, 69 percent of employees say they might work harder if their efforts were better recognized by senior members of staff.


Good company culture can certainly have a positive impact on workplace happiness. As an employer, invest in workplace perks like access to gym facilities and healthcare — it could end in a serious productivity boost. you’ll also encourage teamwork with training days and skills building activities.






Want to reduce employee burnout?


Talk to your staff on a daily basis and ask them for feedback. Suggestions from workers about your company and its policies could assist you streamline day-to-day operations and supply a far better working environment for everybody at your organization.

Employees want to feel respected at work.66 percent of workers say their performance declines when an employer treats them badly. Prevent productivity problems by treating your employees with respect and dignity.


Being happier at work is related to improved health, increased creativity, more productivity, and much more. Happy workers can help create a harmonious and positive work environment. Moreover, such people are more committed to solve problems and are wanting to put in effort beyond their job descriptions.



Here are ten benefits of happiness within the workplace for employers and employees alike-

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Increased creativity
  3. Improved health and well-being
  4. Decreased workplace stress
  5. Increased motivation
  6. Increased work satisfaction
  7. Decreased employee turnover
  8. Increased retention rate
  9. Fewer workplace accidents
  10. Lower health care costs


Feeling good at work can assist you achieve peace of mind and work-life balance. Research shows that folks who are happy at work better overall and are more productive than people that aren’t. Now that you simply are conscious of the advantages of being happy at work, find out how you’ll achieve happiness in your workplace.


Strategies to foster happiness at workplace for employees

  1. Always Smile

Whenever you talk with or encounter someone at work, greet them with a warm smile. consistent with a paper published within the Psychological Bulletin, smiling can make people happier. So, remember to smile whenever you get a chance to try too so.

  1. Gratitude

Be grateful and appreciative to everyone you meet at work, whether it’s your co-worker or your boss. Expressing gratitude can help improve relationships and help people increase positive feelings towards one another.


  1. Engage with other

Get out of your workspace and connect with other teams and departments in your office. Doing so will help create better relations with them, and you would possibly also learn new skills which may increase your worth for the corporate.


  1. Keep your workspace clean and organized

Always keep your workspace neat and tidy. A clean and arranged workspace can create a positive vibe and increase motivation and productivity. It’ll also keep your mind fresh and leave you feeling good throughout the day.


  1. Take a break

Long hours at work day in and outing can take a toll on anyone. If all else fails and you are feeling that your productivity has hit rock-bottom, then its  time to go  for a vacation. Taking a vacation may result in greater success and more happiness at work.


  1. Help others

Come forward and help your colleagues whenever they need support. Helping and supporting people in their time of need can cause you to feel better about yourself and therefore the level of happiness it provides is unparalleled by anything.


  1. Focus

Focusing on one task at a specific time can alleviate stress and improve your efficiency as well as happiness quotient. Meditate regularly.


  1. Eat Healthy

Proper nutrition is important for staying healthy and happy. It plays an important role in how we function physically and mentally. So, avoid unhealthy food items and eat healthy food to avoid health problems  and stay happy.


  1. Socialize at work

Humans are social beings, and  we need to socialize to function correctly. As you spend most of the time of your day at work, it’s an good idea to create cordial  relationships with everyone at work.


  1. Seek feedback

Feedback from your employer or your co-workers can help you to realize your weakness and assist in improving them. Having the ability to seek feedback and acting on it is one among the critical factors of being happy and successful in life.


  1. Exercise regularly

Besides keeping you fit and healthy, regular workout can go an extended way in eliminating stress and uplifting your mood. It also helps increase self-confidence and boost morale. So, start exercising regularly and reap the advantages it provides.


  1. Set a goal or purpose

Having a goal or a way of purpose is extremely beneficial for our overall well-being. It can positively affect our abilities to think and combat stress. Determine what your purpose is and work towards achieving it. It’ll assist you become more satisfied and happier in life.


  1. Sleep is vital

Make sure you get enough sleep very night. Sleep is essential for functioning optimally and getting sufficient sleep increases our resilience to worry and illnesses. Aim for a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep  every night .


14.Take Breaks

Sitting on your chair and working on laptop or your phone   for long hours can cause serious repercussions in your life. Take short breaks at work frequently and choose a walk or even socialize together with your colleagues. Taking breaks can increase happiness, productivity and cause you to more focused at work.



  1. Value

Never forget what your real worth is. Always take some time to introspect  and remind yourself of your abilities and your past achievements. Doing so can confirm you discover happiness and satisfaction at work and in life generally.


For Employers –


1.Provide Constructive Feedback.

Like mentioned earlier, feedback can help a private improve his skills and become more satisfied in life.

Organize daily scrums at work where you’ll acknowledge the diligence of your employees and provides them the required feedback and suggestions. Doing so can make your employees feel appreciated and make a happier workforce.


  1. Brainstorming Sessions

Conduct brainstorming sessions among your employees to extend creativity and innovation. Brainstorming sessions also will help them interact and collaborate. Furthermore, the work environment will improve, and employees will feel motivated to figure.


  1. Wellness Programs and Challenges

Wellness programs and challenges accompany various benefits for employers and employees alike. They’re an efficient and ensure  increased employee engagement and improve employee health.It can do wonders for the corporate culture and employee happiness and satisfaction.




  1. Create an area just for

Every company should have an area  dedicated for recreation and refreshment where employees can take a brief break from their work, rewind, and have some fun. If your workplace doesn’t have one, providing one can make a difference within the happiness of your workforce.


  1. Conduct office

Office events provide perfect opportunities for employers to urge their employees together and help them bond with one another . they will double as amazing team-building activities which increase employee engagement and improve team morale. Celebrate holidays and festivals together with your employees and make a pleasant environment at work.


  1. Take your employees out on

Want to create an  environment where most employees are engaged, satisfied, and happy? Take your employees out on a team outing.

A team outing will foster unity and solidarity among your workforce. most significantly, your employees will like it, and it’ll do great to extend happiness at work.

  1. Office decor and ergonomics


Office decor and workplace ergonomics play a crucial role in determining employee creativity and productivity. Brightly painted walls, comfortable chairs, inspirational quotes and pictures on the walls, etc. can all assist you create a way of motivation and happiness in your workplace.

  1. Offer free healthy snacks and lunches

What better way to promote good nutritional habits among your employees than to supply them with free healthy meals? The supply of fresh and healthy snacks and lunch at work will confirm your employees avoid food items at work. Moreover, everybody is going to be happy at the thought of getting free food!


  1. Provide flexible working hours to your employees

Be open to providing flexible work hours and remote options for your employees. Flexible schedules significantly increases employee productivity and morale. They allow a level of freedom to create their work schedules and achieve work-life balance. Also, by offering such options, you can attract and retain better talent to work for your company.


  1. Provide training and mentoring sessions

Offer training programs and mentoring sessions in your workplace.

They will help to make your employees more motivated and ensure they give in 100% at work. Your employees will also be able to improve their skills and feel more confident in their jobs.


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