Are Soft Skills important?

Are Soft Skills important?

Is it enough to have immense knowledge about something and being unable to deliver/ express it ? Is it really possible that the sometimes your boss is wrong about something and you know it but fail to point that out without making injuring his pride? The answer is YES. You read that right! All you need is the art of Soft skills.

One of the most underrated skill is Soft skills. It includes everything from time management to EQ (Emotional quotient) to interpersonal skills etc. that you need to survive and survive effectively in this fast growing world. Top hiring companies extensively look for these qualities as you need these when you work with people from different backgrounds. These skills come naturally to some people and the rest can develop through trainings.

Statistics say that, 93% of effective communication is nonverbal communication and only 7% is verbal communication. Now the question should that may arise in someone’s mind, what is effective communication? “2A communication is called effective when ideas, knowledge, information is shared exchanged with clarity and purpose”.

 These trainings teach how to work with people, team building etc. Such trainings teach you to be a team player, as in today’s world everyone needs/is a helping hand to someone and as they say “the more the merrier”.

Trainings have been an integral part of our life since ages, and as they say the first teacher is your mother. Just like that, when you enter a corporate world, fresh out of your academics you need someone to help you with cultivating these skills. Proud HR has successfully helped people develop these skills since last 7years. And the results have been mesmerizing, the people they train are way more confident than before with their communication as well as behaviour.

So get yourself trained and be climb your corporate ladder faster!

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